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EdUmatics Partner - Berthold-Gymnasium Freiburg

The Institution

Berthold-Gymnasium has its focus on mathematics, science, economics and foreign languages. It was and still is deeply involved into the education of teachers in mathematics, physics, science and foreign languages. It is the Regional Center for Further Education and Training of Teachers. There are a lot of meetings and workshops in the area of in-service teacher training. The school has a long standing experience in using technology (like CAS and graphical handheld devices) in mathematics and science.

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The Team

Dieter Brandt


Dieter studied mathematics and physics and has taught for 26 years in the German Gymnasium. For many years he has been involved in the development of textbooks for pupils for lower and higher secondary level. He was a member of a working group of teachers, who developed material for teaching including graphic calculators and computer algebra systems. He has worked for 6 years at the University of Freiburg coordinating the educational part in the pre-service-training for teacher students of secondary level.

Dr. Michael Berblinger

Michael studied mathematics and physics and is a teacher at Berthold Gymnasium Freiburg. Michael is an experienced in-service teacher trainer and, in addition to this, he is a member of a team of teachers who are developing teaching materials for mathematics classes which use graphic calculators and computer algebra systems.