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EdUmatics Partner - Lycée George Clemenceau, MONTPELLIER

The Institution

Lycée George Clemenceau is a high school steeped in history. The school opened to 100 girls in 1881 and it was the first public school in France to allow young girls to attend school. Today the George Clemenceau school complex hosts a secondary school of 16 classes enrolling about 450 pupils and a high school of between 1250 and 1300 students. The students coincide, sharing the same classrooms, courtyards and living spaces. The teaching community at the school aims for the students to enjoy being in the school by creating a pleasant atmosphere in which the sustained efforts of the students assures both their academic success their development as adults within society

The Team

Jacques SALLES


Marie-Claire COMBES and I worked closely with Caroline BARDINI (IREM of the University of Montpellier2 team responsible for developping the EdUmatics Module 5: interrelationships between different types of mathematics software) in designing Module 5 teaching and classroom activities.

Our initial observation was that providing teachers with classroom activities that illustrate the use of environments supporting multiple representations, even when accompanied by substantial didactical and methodological elements, is not sufficient.

Our hypothesis was that teachers also need to reflect upon their practice before they practice using ICT. This hypothesis led us to create what we call "teachers' activities" and our aim was that the teachers’ autonomy concerning their ICT choices would increase as they progressed through the course.

These teachers’ activities are based upon the idea of an a priori analysis of classroom situations in which:

  • teachers are asked to predict students' strategies for solving some given problem
  • teachers are required to consider the technological environment they would use and argue on the advantages and disadvantages of the different representations available
  • the course leaders provide support for the teachers as required

Marie-Claire COMBES - Teacher

Benjamin CLERC - Teacher

Nicolas MOREAU - Teacher

Jacques PLANES - Teacher

François ROUX - Teacher

Marie-José VALERO - Teacher