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EdUmatics Partner - IREM Montpellier

The Institution

The missions of the IREM are:

  • conduct research on mathematics teaching
  • contribute to initial and continuing training of teachers
  • develop and disseminate materials for teachers and trainers
  • contribute to pedagogical experimentation

The Team

Caroline Bardini

Caroline Bardini was one of the three academics responsible for designing (and sucessfully submitting) the EdUmatics project. From the beginning of the project until June 2011 (when she was apointed Senior Lecturer at The University of Melbourne, Australia), Caroline Bardini was the leader of the IREM of the University of Montpellier2 team responsible for developing the EdUmatics Module Interrelationships between different types of mathematics software’ along with the University of Würzburg and its school partners.

Caroline worked closely with teachers of partners schools and members of the IREM of Montpellier in designing the 5 teaching and classroom activities, along with the didactic analysis for each activity.

Hussein Sabra

Since September 2011, Hussein was responsible for the activities of the IREM within the project.