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About The Project

The EdUmatics Project (2009 -2012) brought together twenty school and university partners from seven EU countries to collaborate on the design of a resource to support secondary mathematics teachers to integrate technology within their classroom practice.

The project was addressing the wide concern that, although a range of technologies are available, the majority of teachers have not had any formal opportunities to learn about them and fewer teachers still have integrated the more complex technologies within their practices. Furthermore, there is a growing desire to put the technology into the hands of the learners to enable them to become independent, fluent and confident users of technology in a range of mathematical scenarios that involve problem-solving and mathematical modelling.

The resulting professional development modules offer a range of tasks and activities for both trainee and experienced teachers. These modules are also suitable for adaptation within professional development and teacher training courses.

The university and school partners worked collaboratively to trial the different modules across the country boundaries. To find out more about the EdUmatics project in your country, please visit the Contacts page.