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EdUmatics Partner - Lycée Parc Chabrières

The Institution

The Parc Chabrières high school is particularly involved in the use of ICT and, since 2006 it has been a partner in the French evaluation of the handheld technology in collaboration with the Institut Fran├žais de l'éducation. It is an experimental school in the local education authority for the implementation of a pedagogical network.

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The Team

Jean-Louis Bonnafet

Jean-Louis is a teacher trainer within the IREM at the University of Lyon and within the teacher training department of the local education authority of Lyon.

He is a member of the local education group UPO (pedagogical use of computers) the work of which consists in creating pedagogical resources with ICT. Jean-Louis is an associate teacher of the Institut Fran├žais de l'éducation and he has participated in national research on the integration of ICT.