What will I learn through this module?
In this module you will learn about some typical activities that use technology in secondary school mathematics. These activities are elaborated for two different types of technological tool (TI-Nspire and GeoGebra). These activities aim to represent some characteristic aspects and application areas, where the use of technology can support mathematics teaching and enrich its efficiency. In addition to that, the different representations (geometrical, graphical, algebraic and numerical), which you will get to know in the given examples, promote an individual access to mathematics and enrich the efficiency of learning. Also many countries' mathematics curricula require students to use of these types of technologies.
What should I already know?
Before you begin this module, we suggest that you:
How does this EdUmatics module link with the other modules?
Module 1 is an introductory module its aim is to introduce the basic possibilities and advantages of the use of technology in high school mathematics teaching. All of the other modules develop the ideas that have been introduced within Module 1.
What activities does this module include and how long will it take for me to complete?
For each of the three activities in Module 1 (Chicken fence, Box problem and Water gutter) it is assumed: You may need to allow some time to adapt the activities for your own classroom situation.