What will I learn through this module?
In this module you will learn about the use of dynamic representations in the mathematics classroom and the teaching approaches that support them to be used to enhance studentsí mathematical understanding. This will support you to understand the role of multiple representations within the learning of mathematics and opportunities that the use of ICT offers to represent mathematical objects in a dynamic way.
What should I already know?
Before you begin this module, it is helpful if you are aware of some of the general features of the following software that will be used in the module: spreadsheet software, dynamic geometry software, computer algebra system and data loggers connected to a handheld calculator. You might also have some experience of supporting students to work in small groups.
How does this EdUmatics module link with the other modules?
In this module, we use problem solving situations with the support of different technologies. Consequently, it will be helfpul if you have alreadt familiarused yourself with Module 1, where the use of technologies is more guided. This module can be developed together with module 3, because has similar kind of problems, aimed at modelling activities and exploring functions with dynamic representations in different technologies.
What activities does this module include and how long will it take for me to complete?
The activities within this module are taken from algebra (including calculus), geometry and statistics. These classroom activies are analysed within this module with respect to: You will be supported to build teaching scenarios that you will trial and evelaute within your classroom.