What will I learn through this module?
In this module you will be encouraged reflect on your own classroom practice when using technology in your teaching, and to further develop these practices. Through the study of other colleagues’ practices, you will get ideas on how to approach your own classes if you integrate ICT in your course.
What should I already know?

Before you begin this module, we suggest that you will have some preliminary knowledge on different types of ICT for mathematics teaching, and on how to use them in your teaching. Module 1 offers some guidelines for acquiring this prior knowledge. To make the most of this module, it is recommended that you have some experience in teaching, and in teaching with technology. Further specific pedagogical knowledge is not required. Some familiarity with literature on mathematics education may support you to access the recommended readings within the module.

How does this EdUmatics module link with the other modules?
Compared to the other EdUmatics modules, this module is more theoretical and reflective. Rather than focusing on student learning, it focuses more on the teacher and his or her behaviour.
It is recommended that you work on one or two of the other modules before you begin this one.
What activities does this module include and how long will it take for me to complete?
Your activities in this module consist of video activities, reading activities, and other activities. For the video activities, a set of clips is available. The activity, then, consists of reading the fact sheet about a clip, watching it, answer the reflection questions, and if possible exchange and discuss your answers. A reading activity consists of reading an article from the literature database, which can range from a short and accessible article to a scientific one that requires more study. The relations between the literature and the video clip database can be exploited by investigating what ideas from literature may help to improve the teaching shown in a clip. Additional activities include filling in a questionnaire or a chart, to make explicit your own position, and to film or visit ICT-lessons yourself.